Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your Facebook account. The fact that Anakin helped kill Windu and is now leading an assault on the Jedi Temple is enough for the audience to know that he’s become a villain. In fact, I am fairly certain I will be using these as my definitive versions of the movies if I ever want to watch the prequels again. No reason whatsoever as far as I can tell. They have some useful information that will get us all off on the right foot.

l8wrtr fan edit

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The l8rtr edits are generally well regarded, receiving 8. After watching Episode I, I looked through the notes to understand the changes.

Enter the Fan Edits! The scene where Bail watches clonetroopers kill a Jedi adolescent is enough to convey that ALL Jedi in the temple were killed including kids.

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy [L8wrtr Fan Edits, REVIEW]

We still get Obi-Wan’s baby drop-off service; perhaps starting the scene where he’s already with Beru and handing off Luke would make more sense we could then assume that they’d already been talking for some time. Why was this removed? It also diminishes the context of their meeting The fact that Anakin helped kill Windu and is now leading an assault on the Jedi Temple is enough for the audience to know that he’s become a villain.

The fact that Anakin personally murders human children who trusted him makes all of his subsequent dialogue with Padme completely ridiculous: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There are many more subtle edits throughout the rest of the film that are for the better, including the Mace vs Palpatine duel and Anakin’s submission to Palpatine.


You are commenting using your WordPress. If you do not understand any of these rules send a private message to one of our staff for further details. Yoda landing on Dagobah: However, with Episode VII coming out in December and Ha having never seen the prequels, I wanted to find tolerable versions of the films that I could watch alongside her.

l8wrtr fan edit

They are all quite good. The day after the attack, Palpatine makes a request to the Jedi that Anakin should hang out with him at an opera for no reason?

If it weren’t for that scene, everything that happens later would make perfect sense. More details on our policies, especially our Own the Source rule are available here.

Star Wars – Episode III: Dawn of the Empire:

Skip to content I have no real love for the prequel trilogy, as discussed in the past. No reason whatsoever as far as I can tell. If this is your first time here please read our FAQ and Rules pages. That said, the throat crunch noises on Padme’s neck, no more “I have the high ground” seamlessly editedno more “she’s losing the will to live” BS This is true across all the episodes, however.


This and L8wrtr’s masterful editing of the opening sequences are the best overall changes of the edit. L8wrtr’s edits convey this much better; Anakin is in rage mode, beats Dooku, and simply cuts his head off and immediately regrets it Palpatine’s famous but silly “DEWIT” line is gone.

The edits from here to the crash landing are perfect, as well the first interactions between Anakin and Padme, Anakin’s nightmare, etc. Dawn of the Empire: The original placement of the scene worked much better; here it’s simply jarring. Disappointing that this wasn’t removed, but I don’t fault L8wrtr for the scene’s existence. I think I can appreciate L8wrtr’s intention, but having Palpatine rescued by the Jedi and then two scenes later literally overnight telling Anakin that the Jedi are planning to betray him comes off as forced l8wrtg silly.

This was a bad idea ddit it reminded me of all the negatives I hated. You are commenting using your Google account. Speaking of which, we would be able to assume that once Anakin is in the Vader suit, he’s capable of any and all evil if it weren’t for the fact that L8wrtr inexplicably removed Palpatine telling Vader that Padme is dead.

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l8wrtr fan edit