Voice on the Wind. You’re the princess of a dragon, standing in chains upon this restless shore, betrothed to a serpent writhing in the sea’s pounding roar. But then I saw we were moving on our star-crossed encounter was ‘dead and gone’. Do you think we can turn the tables on all this scene of violence and destruction? You are sovereign, never shameful, you are sacred. A statement repeated three times is never an accident “They want to wipe out Israel

tanging hiling part 2 curse one free mp3

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Have we just been dreaming our future, or caught in an endgame of fear?

Why do you not drink the waters pagt Hagar out of whose spring sprung the palm trees together, why do you not feel the pain of Aisha? It is our Transfiguration!

Pagmamahal Sayo By Curse One : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Running tanhing annihilation, in refuge from our dissipation, can we find our way out from our darkest clouds to sing our song? If they say to you, ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fish will precede you. The mystery of our mingling will echo again and again. Tibet, Tibet, we stand with you today!

tanging hiling part 2 curse one free mp3

The high ground of enlightenment, pillar of the middle way, the jewel in the lotus, “Om Mani Padme Hum”. It was a crying sin they committed to make you hide.


partt My gratitude to you – is ever flowing. Can we find the way to waken and break the deadlock of this nightmare Can we find the key to unlock the portals of fate? Eyal Loz Dumbek, didgeridoo. Shame on you, Same upon you!

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We know that the dark word of doom is “apocalypse”. Revelation mp3 download Chris King: Dulcimer, keyboard, lyrics, vocals, percussion.

tanging hiling part 2 curse one free mp3

Your Venus crossed my horizon just as my sun went down. They tell me this is love.

Can we climb the ladders into the heavens and bless this world with rainbows Can we find the focus to learn to be here now? Is this where we all belong caught here in this endless song, an anthem to you Murder Blue?

Or are there some unknown factors that could tear us all apart? On that wild and windswept hill top, where tangled trees were swaying the crickets softly chirping, the grassy breezes playing. The Long Ride Have we been slumbering in the dreamtime?

tanging hiling part 2 curse one free mp3

Original link July We need to get out of here before the wild storm breaks. We’re really going to have to throw off the covers and tear down the walls that divide. In this Oympian stuggle there’s a Tao to the light. But now I know that some things last much longer than they told us then – though tides may come and fortunes go, love will remain. As our pain is real. I am transfigured, I am redeemed sufficient unto the day thereof, to bring some consolation to a very troubled world.


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If you can’t bring yourself to accept your involvement, in setting the scene, in casting the die, how can you ever assume responsibility, or heal the emotional lie? How can we come together as one? In the winter, frozen all over, skating on thin ice, sliding helter-skelter. And having no bill of divorcement, nor even a fig leaf to his name, M had carnally erred before God. Ate all the sweet fruit in a state of abandon, without any trouble or strife. I still can’t believe it, that they would seek to subjugate you, holding you hostage, in bondage to their honour, trying to keep us apart!